Whether as a surprise for the bride, groom or guests, or preplanned into your celebrations, our firework displays will bring an extra special touch and magical memories to your wedding day.

We can personalise your special day too.  Either with our ‘drive-away’fountains, or with our dancing gerbs (fountains) tableau shot and your photographer (as seen on James Davidson’s photo above), or by you igniting the first sequences of the show yourselves, or even by choosing your own personal music selection, colour selection or initials/numbers lit up by pyrotechnics which are then lit for longer by fairy lights , as in the ‘100’ image below.

Fully Fused Fireworks can make your wedding day unique to you and is most definitely not ‘off-the-shelf’.  All of our pyromusicals include the cost of the P.A. system and a set-up technician within the cost of the display.

Finally, don’t forget we can supply sparklers for your guests as well!

Take a look through some of the videos that we have in our portfolio (there are more online) and start dreaming up plans for YOUR Fully Fused Firework display.