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Fireworks to Music

Wedding Day Perfection

We love working alongside our wedding clients to design their bespoke pyrotechnic wedding day memory. Nothing can beat the thrill and excitement of a display that you have been uniquely involved with and which reflects your own personality to round off your perfect day. ©Steve Hood Continue reading →

Atlantic Sea – Container Ship Launch

In 2016 the shipping line ACL added another container ship to their fleet in the form of the Atlantic Sea. Christened by Princess Anne at the Liverpool Cruise Terminal, Fully Fused Fireworks were there to see her off in style. Bon voyage. Photography ©Andy Shukie Continue reading →

Pyromusical Firework Displays

Fully Fused Fireworks Often our firework displays are ‘pyromusicals’ (designed to music). This involves carefully choosing effects that have the correct intensity and duration to closely fit in with the music that is chosen by our clients. When professionally designed, the effects can then ‘dance’ and come to life with the tempo of the music.   Continue reading →

Cunard Departures, Southampton, UK

Cunard As Cunard and P and O cruise liners leave Southampton on their World Voyages in January, we are often in residence on the quayside or on barges on the water. We provide spectacular and professional, digitally-fired firework displays to send them off in style, on their three to four month journeys. Continue reading →

International Displays

France As well as working in the UK our teams also have experience at working on the international pyrotechnic stage and have taken part (and won!) international firework competitions. Continue reading →